History of Amalgamated Transit Union

The Amalgamated Transit Union is the largest labor organization representing transit workers in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1892, the ATU today is comprised of over 190,000 members in 270 local unions spread across 46 states and nine provinces.

ATU HistoryThe Union is guided by a triennial convention at which delegates chosen by locals meet to debate and direct the future of the Union. The International officers consist of the International President, the International Executive Vice President, the International Secretary-Treasurer, and 18 International Vice Presidents. The International Vice Presidents serve on the Union's General Executive Board.

The ATU is comprised of bus, van, subway, and light rail operators, clerks, baggage handlers and maintenance employees in urban transit, over-the-road and school bus industries, as well as emergency medical service personnel, ambulance operators, clerical personnel, and municipal workers. The ATU can be found in most major cities of the United States and Canada.

The office of the International President is currently held by Larry Hanley , who took office in October 2010. The International Executive Vice President is Bob Baker, and the International Secretary-Treasurer is Oscar Owens.

History of HandyDART

HandyDART Client LoadFrom it's humble beginning of Tim Louis running this service from personal vehicles, to BC Transit seeing it's potential as part of the greater Transit service. We are currently 540 Union members who are dedicated to the service of HandyDART.

For decades BC Transit ran this services through local societies from different districts. In 2008 a decision was made to combine eight HandyDART operations into one. The Request for Proposal (RFP) was put out for tender, and the successful bidder was MV Transportation, a company based out of California in the United States of America. There were three different unions representing the HandyDART workers. Later that year a vote was taken by all unionized workers and the Amalgamated Transit Union was the successful union to represent all HandyDART workers.

As in the past, these contracts for service are up for review every 3 to 5 years. At the time of review, the Transit Authority (Translink) or the company can cancel their continuation of service which leaves these workers jobs unstable and in jeopardy.

We believe in the empowerment this service gives to our clients to enjoy a life without restrictions of mobility. We work to bring a better service to our valued clients and the Transit service at large.