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Negotiations Update

It was mutually agreed that the March 19 and 20 negotiation dates be postponed due to the daily issues arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and flight issues by some of the members of the respective committees to attend these meetings.

Both First Transit and ATU 1724 are motivated to move forward, but our worker’s and client’s safety had to take priority. Additional dates for the week of March 30-April 3 have been scheduled and not cancelled at this point.

As of this writing, 35% of the proposed items in the Union proposal have been settled.

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Collective bargaining is how the union and management come up with the terms and conditions of employment for the workers through developing a collective agreement. Provincial or federal labour legislation sets out rules for how these negotiations take place and how disputes are handled.

Your bargaining committee is chosen by the elected executive of ATU 1724. A negotiation package is built on feedback from union meetings, surveys, emails, phone calls, depot visits and grievances. Your bargaining committee consists of co-workers who have common interests with you.

Negotiations take a varying amount of time, often depending on the history that the local has with the employer. Language interpretation is solidified across negotiation tables. It takes time to reduce or eliminate conflict over the meaning of collective agreement language.

By mutual agreement monetary items are last to be worked through. This is to strengthen language that affects day to day working conditions. This also allows both sides of the table to develop a respectful relationship, essential to successful negotiations.

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Negotiations Bulletin Nov. 18 2019

  • ATU 1724 has set meeting dates with First Transit in the first week of December.
  • ATU 1724 negotiation team will be meeting this month with John Callahan ( International VP ) to strategise and polish our final proposals.
  • ATU 1724 gives a negotiation report at every General Union meeting.
  • More details will be made available once proposal packages have been exchanged.

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MOU - Article Heading

Placement of open news from the the "President Corner" blog postings. Updates and progress can be seen here. And maybe concerns of the top safety issues or Collective Agreement problems

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