President's Report

By: Mark Beeching

Every month at the General Meetings the Presidents Report is read out and made available for the members.

President's Report

February 28 2020

Resignation / By Elections:

Dave Lamb has stepped down from his union positions for personal reasons. Our executive can’t thank Dave enough for his dedication to the membership of our local. Dave’s hard work through day to day support of workers and spearheading a negotiation research committee was an invaluable. Dave is a true a unionist, our executive wishes him well and knows he continues to support our local as a member. On a personal note I consider Dave a friend not only to myself but to the entire labour movement.

Nominations will be open for North of the Fraser Representative 2 at the March union meeting. Our current North of the Fraser executive member Nathan Emmerson (NOFA Rep 1) is doing a stellar job and will welcome the support.

Negotiation Update:

Negotiations proceeded well in January and February. The last session ended with 49 additional agreed to articles. The negotiation committee will be meeting to work on preparation February 12 and Next negotiations will be held on March 19,20, 30, 31 April 2 and 3.

We are working through important issues like:

  • Cassignment of overtime
  • adverse weather
  • training
  • selection of workers

Language in our collective agreement has been left to stagnate for years. We are still addressing problems that stemmed from and amalgamation of multiple collective bargaining agreements in 2009. Every time there is a change of employer, a new interpretation of the collective agreement affects workers negatively. It is crucial to remember that CBA language affects you every day.

There is a universal practice in labour negotiations that Monetary items are discussed after non-monetary. Every bargaining committee member comes to the table with a unified voice that our workers must be compensated fairly. We cannot allow your language that protects your working conditions to be flushed down the toilet by negotiating monetary items first.

Negotiations take time, we are making solid progress. In 2014 negotiations took 13 months. The union and management are motivated to move forward. Our Bargaining Committee is unified in its commitment to present you with the best collective agreement possible.

BC Federation of Labour

Our executive is proud to announce that Nathan Emmerson is now appointed to the BC Federation of Labour Executive representing the ATU in B.C and will be attending his first meeting next month.


At the January meeting there was a suggestion to have a unity meeting with all staff. Grant Maxwell, newly elected executive office representative is working to form an organizing committee for this meeting.


I have appointed Leslie Szoke to be the second worker representative on the Safety Committee in North Road.

Steward Training

On March 28th our local will be hosting a free steward training course. We have also invited participants from other ATU locals in B.C. Seating will be limited. We will be prioritizing seating to those who are interested in becoming stewards and to depots where we need stewards. If there is room, and you want to be informed about the role of a steward we will welcome you.

Protecting our Jobs

The public holds HandyDART workers in the highest regard. If we want to be successful in promoting HandyDART we must earn that respect with our professionalism. Schedules will only get worse if we cut corners to be on time.

We are not Taxi or Uber drivers. Let the world know that we are worth more.

Seeing Pink

ATU 1724 and First Transit support respect in the workplace. We joined in promoting the wearing of pink shirts on February 26th.

As union members we ask you all to treat each other as brothers and sisters. No procedure or policy will create a healthy work environment without your involvement.

pink shirt day