Sisters and Brothers,

Along with new wage increases, the upcoming Shift Pick numbers are a testimony to the hard work and achievements of our negotiating team. During COVID, layoffs have dominated every industry. Providing stable full-time work with benefits was a goal that our union is proud of accomplishing.

Pre-Qualification language strengthens the ability for our members to exert their seniority fairly for shift vacancies and postings. We have been working through the process to ensure that it is fair and transparent. We will provide updates once we have more information to share. A webinar for office staff is being planned in the near future to hear concerns and get feedback.

Moving forward

Our local is looking at ways of recognising the diversity in our workforce. We are working on forming committees with the goal of supporting equity and to ensure that we are truly united.

- In Solidarity, Mark Beeching, President.

NDOM Button

Day of Mourning:

The National Day of Mourning (DOM) is observed every April 28 in Canada. A moment of silence will be held at 10:30am. The day honours the memory of workers who have been killed, injured, or suffered illness as a result of work related incidents.

International Women’s Day

On (March 8, 2021) a rally was held by laid off hotel workers. Massive layoffs have devastated these workers, most of them women. These women carry the burden of supporting their families with the threat by corporations that they will not be rehired. Our Provincial Government has not stepped up to support their return

Low pay and benefits compounded by threats of long-term unemployment is an overt attack by corporations on women and the unions that represent them. ATU 1724 supports equity for all and asks you to support your sisters in need.

Please go to: to get more information and find out how to help.