Pink Shirt Day

Wednesday February 24 th , 2021 marked the 14 th year of celebrating Pink Shirt Day across the globe. ATU Local 1724 and First Transit partnered together to show their support during this important initiative. A reminder to everyone to treat each other with dignity and respect. Let’s continue to work safely.

Spring Shift Pick

The Spring Shift Pick has been posted. There has been no decrease in current shifts. We are excited to announce the addition of 13 Regular full-time positions posted as Vacation Blockers and Flex Shifts. These additional shifts are a result of the hard work performed by the negotiating committees during our recent contract negotiations. The new shifts will start April 18, 2021.

Spring Season

With Spring Break and Easter upon us, some Covid-19 restrictions around social gatherings have eased, but this is a reminder to remain vigilant by continuing to observe current Covid guidelines. Please continue to limit travel, maintain safe distancing, wear masks, and limit interactions and gatherings where possible.

Health & Safety

This is a friendly reminder to Take Pride in Your Ride. Numerous complaints have been reported around the cleanliness of buses and PPE not being discarded properly around all depots. It is your responsibility to take away your trash and personal belongings at the end of your day.

Drivers are provided with a plastic bag inside their daily pouch to keep masks, gloves and wipes together for disposal.

Ensure your PPE items go inside the garbage can. Thank you in advance for continuing to be safe for yourselves and for your co-workers

Wellness Check

How are you doing? Do you need support right now?? Morneau Shepell is our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider.

Employee Assistance supports and assists employees in assessing and resolving work, health and life issues. If you need answers to any questions or concerns, please call the Shepell Care Access Centre at 1-844-880-9137. All of the services are confidential and completely voluntary

There is support for you. You do not have to cope by yourself.

Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

The right to refuse unsafe work starts with you. If you have reasonable cause to believe that performing a job or task puts you or someone else at risk, you must not perform the job or task. You must immediately inform your supervisor or employer, who must then take the appropriate steps to determine if the work is unsafe and remedy the situation